Finding a Vegan Caterer for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a stressful process, and, with the added challenge of organizing vegan catering, you might be tearing your hair out. It can be disheartening to look at menu after menu, only to see them covered in dishes filled with meat and dairy. Finding a vegan caterer isn't an impossible challenge, though. Following these tips will help you to find the perfect cruelty-free food provider for your special day.

Get in touch with companies

Many caterers are well-equipped to deal with special dietary requirements, but don't advertise this clearly on their website. Getting in touch is the best way to find out what they can provide. You may find that many chefs are excited to rise to the challenge of a catering for a vegan wedding and will be more than happy to put together a special menu for you.

In your initial contact, be very clear about what you're looking for. You should specify that you're looking a menu free from all animal products, including dairy and eggs, as there is often confusion about what the word 'vegan' means.

You should also mention any extra requirements—are you looking for raw vegan options, or gluten free dishes? Your preferences regarding the type of cuisine could also help. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to ascertain whether or not the caterer is a good fit for your wedding.

Ask for help on social media

Many couples ask recently-wed friends for recommendations when looking for a caterer, but that's not much help if none of your friends are vegan! Luckily, there's a very active vegan community on social media, and you'll usually find people more than willing to help you out with recommendations and advice. Posting on a Facebook group for vegans in your local area is a really good option to get helpful advice and catering recommendations. Once your wedding's over, remember to share your own catering experience online. You could make the whole process a lot easier for another couple in the future.

Think outside the box

If you're really struggling to find a vegan caterer, you might need to start getting creative with your solutions. Depending on how large your wedding is, you could plan your own menu and enlist the help of friends and family for cooking. This can be a lot of fun for smaller, more personal gatherings.

If DIY isn't your style, try getting in touch with local restaurants, even if they don't openly advertise catering services. If there's a local place you love and visit often, there's no harm in asking whether they'd be up to the job. Many small restaurants will be honored to cater at the wedding of a valued customer.