Fun Catering Ideas for Your Next Party

If you're having a party catered, you may not realise all the fun food choices that your catering service might provide. Even if you're thinking of food items not on their standard menu, they may be able to create a dish for you or offer something very similar. Note a few fun ideas for your next party that you might want to discuss with catering services, and this will make your event something very unique and that guests are sure to love.

S'mores bar

You can create a fun s'mores bar with a long type of trough; put Sterno candles down the middle of this trough. Next, add crushed graham crackers and chocolate chunks around the candles. Guests can hold a marshmallow on a stick over the Sterno flame and then roll the melted marshmallow in the cracker and chocolate mixture! This is a fun idea for an outdoor party or evening party, as the Sterno flame adds a fun glow to the area.

Mashed potatoes in a glass

Just about everyone loves mashed potatoes and, while they're often thought of as a side dish, they can be a fun appetiser. Have your caterer make up a large batch of mashed potatoes and then offer individual servings in martini glasses. This makes the dish look festive and easier for individual servings and portions.

Biscuit bowls

Rather than cooking biscuits on a cookie sheet, your caterer might put each piece of biscuit dough in a muffin tin and flatten it. It will then bake into a nice bowl shape. You can use this for a morning party; fill the bowl with scrambled eggs and top with grated cheese. For an evening party, add some cubed chicken or steak and top with gravy. This can be a great appetiser or fun main course, and it can even be eaten as a finger food.

Candy buffet

You can create a candy buffet by having bulk candy put in jars or oversized vases so guests can then scoop candy into bowls. This is a very attractive type of dessert option; you can tie the vases or jars with ribbon that matches your wedding party or event decorations and use colourful candy for maximum visual appeal. Be sure you provide a number of small bowls so guests can try a variety of options, but this choice is very easy for caterers since it involves no cooking and very little prep work.