Important Features to Look For in a New POS Scale

Having an upgraded POS system is very important for your business overall; a fast, efficient POS system allows customers to easily check out while also keeping track of your inventory and sales. The scale you use at your POS is just as vital; not only does it need to be accurate but it should also work to make your business more functional overall. Note what is meant by that and the features you should consider when shopping for a new POS scale.

Scanner-scale combination

If you have items for sale that will have a barcode but still need to be weighed at your point of sale, you want a scanner-scale combination. There are two main reasons for this; one is that checkout lines may move faster when cashiers or customers don't need to enter an inventory number along with having an item weighed.

The other advantage is that a scanner-scale ensures that there are no mistakes when entering the item's inventory number. In some cases, a customer may try to enter a different inventory number for a cheaper item than the one they're purchasing, or a cashier may simply enter the wrong number inadvertently. A scanner-scale means reducing the risk of these price differences and also having a more reliable inventory record.

Larger readout

Your cash registers may have a large screen for customers to read as they check out, but your scale should have one as well. Customers often want to note the actual weight of any bulk item they buy and the price being charged. While this may show up on the screen of your POS system, often the typestyle for these details is very small. Having a large screen on the scale itself may help a checkout line move faster, as customers may be less likely to interrupt a cashier and ask to have a weight and price read to them.

Ease of cleaning

It may seem like a small thing, but you want to ensure you can easily clean the tops and sides of POS scales. Even for items that are prepackaged, scales can easily pick up dust, dirt, and various liquids that may drip out of containers. Your customers may not want to put their bags of fresh produce or other such items on a scale that is dirty, and dust on the scale may lead to inaccurate readings. Look for a solid metal or plastic top, without a fastener or connector on its surface, for the easiest cleanup.