Two Factors New Caterers Need To Consider When Selecting Event Catering Supply Companies

Here are two factors new caterers need to consider when they're deciding which event catering supply companies to purchase their catering supplies from.

Their client demographic

Even new caterers will have some idea of who their ideal client demographic will be, and this is something that they should keep in mind when deciding which event catering supply company they should work with. For example, if a caterer plans to offer their services to clients with modest budgets who will require cheap-and-cheerful meals for fairly informal events, then that caterer should probably not choose a supplier who sells luxurious, high-quality supplies, as their clients will not have the budget for meals made of costly ingredients and might not even care about, for instance, the expensive spices that might be featured in them. In this situation, the caterer should look for a supplier who can offer good quality, affordable ingredients. This will ensure that the caterer won't find themselves having to make their fees so high (to cover the costs of their supplies) that their preferred demographic cannot afford to hire them. 

Conversely, if a caterer intends to target a client demographic who will require fancy, decadent meals for their very formal events, then they'll need to track down a supplier who sells more than just simple, quality ingredients and other catering materials, but who also offers luxurious, rare and exceptionally high-quality supplies. If they don't, then they might not be able to provide the clients within their demographic with the type of catering service that they need.

The type of cuisines they plan to offer

A new caterer who is making this decision should also consider the type of cuisines they plan to offer their clients. If for example, they can cook a dozen or more cuisines and want to be able to offer all of them to their clients, then the event catering supply business they select should ideally have all or most of the wide range of spices, herbs, condiments, and disposable catering supplies (such as chopsticks, kebab skewers, etc.) that would be needed for meals that align with each of these cuisines.

Finding a supplier like this would mean that they might only need to place one order with one supplier each month—instead of having to find multiple suppliers whose products are satisfactory—and then order various ingredients or other catering materials from each of them. In addition to being more convenient, being able to order everything they need for all of the meals they want to prepare from a single supplier could also be quite cost-effective, as ordering such a large amount of supplies from a single company could enable them to offer bulk-ordering-related discounts.

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